Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress
Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress

Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress

Sale price$499.99 USD

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Why We Love it

Experience the extraordinary comfort of handcrafted Japanese futon with this Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress from Kyoto’s finest futon maker, Takaokaya, founded in 1919.

Employing expertise passed down through the generations, each Japanese futon bed is handcrafted by master artisans to ensure every step contributes to impeccable comfort and firmness.

The 100% cotton padding is skilfully layered by hand in a gentle curve to offer you essential support that eases back and shoulder pain during a night’s rest.

Each Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress is intricately bound with watoji, traditional Japanese stitching that not only is highly durable and age-resistant, but also highlights the authentic Kyoto motif.  

Why Choose a Japanese Futon Mattress

  • Back Support: A firmer surface keeps the spine aligned while you sleep, which can help alleviate back pain and prevent back pain in the future.
  • Easy Storage: Japanese futon do not require bed frames. Simply fold in three and store in the closet. Perfect for guest use, glamping, and minimalists.
  • Mattress Topper: You can easily use Japanese futon bed as a regular mattress topper. Experience high-quality sleep that only comes with centuries-old Japanese craftsmanship.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The use of only 100% natural cotton makes the Japanese Futon Mattress an environmentally friendly choice, particularly when you consider how long-lasting and durable the natural materials are.


    Due to high demand, dispatching may take up to two weeks while your futon is being handmade by master craftspeople. If we can't ship your order immediately we will contact you straight away to let you know the free shipment date. As your futon is completed to order, we cannot accept cancellations after the order is confirmed.

    Please note that for reasons of hygiene, futon mattresses, duvets and covers cannot be returned.

    Futon Details

    • Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress (Shikifuton)
    • Handmade in Japan
    • 100% cotton exterior and padding
    • Available in two colors: Arare Black and Matcha Green
    • Available in Single or Double Size
    • SIZE: Single: 3'3" x 6'11" (100cm x 210cm), Double: 4'7" x 6'11" (140cm x 210cm)
    • Uncompressed thickness approx 5" (12cm)
    • Available alone and/or with mattress cover
    • For reasons of hygiene, mattresses, duvets and covers cannot be returned.
    • Compact Shipping: Unpack on arrival and allow to resume natural shape in 1-2 days.
    • Free Shipping available in North America and Europe!

      Caring for Your Futon Mattress

      • Japanese futon and duvet are non-machine washable. We recommend to use our 100% cotton futon mattress covers, which are machine-washable.
      • To reduce humidity in the futon, occasionally air out under the sun or in a well-ventilated room.

        Takaokaya has created masterfully handcrafted zabuton, seating cushions and futon mattresses in Kyoto since 1919. It is highly regarded for producing some of the finest zabuton cushions in the world.

        Having recently celebrated its centennial anniversary, Takaokaya’s legacy lies in its unparalleled craftsmanship, made by master crafts people using tradtional techniques passed down from generation to generation.

        Takaokaya combines Kyoto’s centuries-old textile expertise and the Japanese art of kutsurogi (a state of complete relaxation) to bring balance and comfort to contemporary lifestyles and harmonize any living and work space.

        Takaokaya prides itself on handcrafting the zabuton cushions and futon mattresses one at a time. No two pieces are ever alike due the multi-step process of textile dyeing that creates subtle differences along the fabric grain.

        This prized craftsmanship remains unchanged over a century ago and backed with a genuine philosophy of "simply bringing a smile on everyone's face,” the state achieved when resting on a futon or zabuton cushion from Takaokaya.

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        How long will my refund take?

        We will process the refund within 2 days of receiving the returned item.

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 25 reviews
        Alyssa Girnt
        *Super impressed!!*

        Customer service was incredible! Best ever. I love my tatami mat and futon. It’s very clear how serious quality is to this company. I don’t know that I have EVER purchased anything my whole life that was made so perfectly and with such attention to detail. It is flawless. I no longer wake up achey. I’m absolutely so impressed and so happy with my purchase! Many many thanks and Blessings!!!

        Richard Roberts
        Fantastic futon mattress

        I ordered a single-size futon mattress (no extras). The mattress was created and shipped promptly. The layers of colton feel even and soft. It is easy to fold away and is light enough to move around easily. I use it on the carpet with a foam underly. It's firmer than a pocket-spring bed, but is still very comfortable (it took me a few days to adjust). My children have also been enjoying it for sleepovers. Couldn't ask for better!


        I LOVE my futon! So beautiful and quality is top notch.
        When I searched for top futons, American recommendations pointed to China made products that contained polyester/foam and fiberglass to skirt the fire hazard requirements.
        I knew I had to get a quality futon straight from Japan.
        I am so GLAD I did. They shipped it so quickly and kept me informed of it's shipping progress throughout.
        It is so comfortable and the highest quality! THANK YOU!

        Very Comfortable Futon Mattress

        My futon has arrived and I am finding it so comfortable to sleep on. I have it on top of a tatami base and I'm sure my sleep is more refreshing than before! The quality of the mattress is superb.
        I also appreciated being able to track its delivery all the way from Japan to the UK, through Customs and to the local depot. I would definitely recommend Japan Objects Store!

        J.S.M. Damsma

        The futon I purchased is mainly meant to use when I have a guest and I have not yet been able to use it. So, I am still curious myself about how it will be experienced. From what I can see however it looks wonderful.
        Packaging and delivery etc.was very good, just as is always the case whenever I order something from Japan, so: thank you very much !
        Best regards from The Netherlands,
        J. Damsma

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