Kimono Style Guide

Is this your first time trying out kimono fashion? Are you having a hard time deciding between our kimono, yukata or kimono robes collections? Worry not: here are some easy tips breaking down all the details you need to know! 

Japanese Kimono 

Tancho Crane Japanese Kimono

Our Japanese kimono are designed by some of the most respected Kyoto makers. We offer four different kimono patterns, each with their own distinct personality, style, and visual narrative.

Crafted from high-quality polyester, these women’s kimono are thicker with a comfortable inner lining that will keep you warm in the colder months and never lose their shape. Caring for your kimono is also a breeze – thanks to the exceptionally durable material you can machine-wash and iron this garment.

Purposefully designed for everyday life, our kimono are easy to put on: can check out our video tutorial to learn how! The appeal of kimono fashion is also its almost limitless flexibility – you can wear it as loungewear or get creative and mix with your everyday style. They are perfect for both formal ceremonial events and stylish dinner parties! 

Fashion Yukata

Red Kiku Floral Yukata

An elegant summer alternative to our kimono collection, the yukata is an excellent starting point into the world of Japanese fashion.

Each of these women’s yukata was designed by some of the most reputable artisans in Kyoto. They’re crafted from premium breathable cotton so are lightweight, breezy and best worn during summer or indoors. You can also easiliy wash and iron your yukata at home.

Our yukata are vibrant but also chic, and simple in silhouette, making them ultra easy to customize. You can enjoy the yukata as a festive summer kimono look (check out our video tutorial on how to wear yukata), or dressed down in the comfort of your home as loungewear. If you can wear a bathrobe, you can wear a yukata!

Kimono Robes

Japanese Crane Kimono Robe

Our kimono robe collection is perfect for those who want to enjoy the intricate beauty of a tradtional kimono, with the ease of a throw-on robe. Each gown features iconic Japanese motifs, from delicate feminine cherry blossoms to chrysanthemums and the revered red-crowned cranes. 

Our kimono robes were all made in Kyoto, Japan, by some of the nation’s most respected artisans.

This has to be the most customizable of all the kimono iterations, the knee-length robe with its matching belt can be easily paired with a chic basic outfit for a splash of vibrant color. The premium quality of the cotton-satin means it is very comfortable and makes for a beautiful nightgown or one-of-a-kind loungewear.


Reversible Bamboo Obi Belt

Reversible Obi Belt

A crucial element to any Japanese kimono is the obi belt. Thick, supportive and the final piece to bring your outfit together, it’s a key player in the world of kimono and yukata.

These premium reversible obi belt can be worn as a seasonal statement piece, over something simple or in harmony with a vibrant kimono design.


Blue Kiku Floral Yukata

Diamond Weave Obi Belt

Simple, but eye-catching, if you want the freedom to experiment, then picking a bold, and shimmering obi belt is the best option for you. Worn as the supportive final piece to a fashion yukata or Japanese kimono, the diamond weave obi belt is ultra-versatile and can be as fun as it is formal, depending on how you want to wear it!