Kimono Style Guide

Is this your first time trying out kimono fashion? Are you having a hard time deciding between our kimono, robes, fashion & home collections? Worry not: here are some easy tips breaking down all the details you need to know!

Vintage Japanese Kimono

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We have handpicked every one-of-a-kind traditional kimono in our vintage collection. We conduct rigorous quality inspection and only select genuine Japanese kimono that are of exceptional value and condition. We are proud of all our vintage silk kimono, which truly embody the rare treasure of wearable art.

Every vintage kimono has been professionally cleaned and is beautifully gift-wrapped in Japanese washi paper. We offer free shipping worldwide for all our vintage kimono.

Japan Objects Store is a licensed vintage kimono dealer (Licence No 30112 200 8692).

Japanese Yukata

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A yukata is essentially a lightweight form of kimono, which is worn casually indoors, or even outdoors during the summer. They are made from thinner, lighter material than the traditional silk kimono, which makes them comfortable and easier to wash.

Explore our How to Wear Kimono video tutorial and kimono size guide to make sure you know your size and can get ready to hit the street straight away. Also, take a look at our yukata styling tips video tutorial to learn more!

Washable Japanese Kimono

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Our washable Japanese kimono are designed by some of the most respected Kyoto makers. Crafted from high-quality polyester, these women’s kimono are thicker with a comfortable inner lining that will keep you warm in the colder months and never lose their shape. They are shipped to you gorgeously gift-wrapped in Japanese washi paper.

Purposefully designed for everyday life, our kimono are easy to put on, and easy to put away too: learn how to fold kimono here.

Obi Belts


A crucial element to any Japanese kimono is the obi belt. Thick, supportive and the final piece to bring your outfit together, it’s a key player in the world of kimono and yukata. People are often nervous about tying obi, but it's easy: you can learn how to tie an obi belt in two minutes here!

Vintage Haori Jackets

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Vintage haori jackets are handcrafted in 100% silk. They are traditionally tailored made to be worn over kimono. This means they can be worn loosely over any clothing, from a thin T-shirt, to a warm winter sweater. You can easily pair them with jeans or a dress to create an original look.

Every haori jacket is one of a kind. Whether they are hand painted, dyed or embroidered, they represent the finest kimono craftsmanship and creativity. Perfectly suited for modern lifestyle, they are the best option to experience kimono design and fabrics.

Hanten Jackets

SHOP THE LOOK | Hanten Padded Jacket

The Kurume hanten is the highest quality traditional kimono-style padded jacket for contemporary living.

This hanten padded jacket is carefully handmade stitch by stitch and filled with Kurume cotton padding, which will not slip. This thick natural padding not only retains heat well, but will also puff back up to its original volume with a little warmth from the sun. The lining is also cotton to ensure you will be both warm and comfortable.

Hair Accessories

SHOP THE LOOK | Kanzashi

Japanese hair ornaments, also known as kanzashi, are an iconic fashion accessory with a history spanning over a thousand years.

Our kanzashi are the creations of Oharibako, the renowned Kyoto specialist in luxury kanzashi craft for over 70 years. They make each kanzashi in house from dyeing and painting the silk, to shaping and pressing each silk petal to create an intricate flower.

Japanese Sandals

SHOP THE LOOK | Zori Slippers

Zori slippers are a traditional type of Japanese sandal, and an enduring handicraft often seen in the Japanese countryside. They make a great alternative to wooden sandals, and can be worn with any traditional Japanese clothing, or perfect as flip-flop for your fashion wardrobe.

SHOP THE LOOK | Getta Sandals

Geta are traditional Japanese sandals, which design-wise you could say sit somewhere between a beach flip-flop and a Dutch clog! Handmade using high–quality paulownia wood, these wooden geta sandals are very comfortable to wear whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Kimono Robes

SHOP THE LOOK | Japanese Gold Robe

Crafted by Kyoto’s renowned kimono makers, these Japanese kimono robes are the perfect choice for those who enjoy the stunning beauty of traditional kimono patterns, and the luxury of tailored loungewear.

This has to be the most customizable of all the kimono iterations, the knee-length robe with its matching belt can be easily paired with a chic basic outfit for a splash of vibrant color. The premium quality of the cotton-satin means it is very comfortable and makes for a beautiful nightgown or one-of-a-kind loungewear.