8 Useful Things to Know About Vintage Japanese Kimono

What you need to know to start your vintage kimono collection. You’ll learn what are authentic vintage kimono, how to select the ones that suit you & how to take care of them!

0:42 1) What is the difference between vintage, second-hand, and antique?

1:17  2) What types of kimono can you buy?

3:03  3) How to tell the age of a kimono?

3:33  4) How to choose an obi for your kimono?

4:27  5) How to take care of your kimono?

6:54  6) What kind of figure suits a kimono?

7:30  7) When to buy a kimono?

8:44  8) How to tell the difference between men’s and women’s kimono?

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  • Ammie

    Thank you for this easy to understand video on Kimonos.



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