Oharibako Kyoto Store

Japanese hair ornaments, also known as kanzashi, are an iconic fashion accessory with a history spanning over a thousand years. Crafting these ornaments by hand is a painstaking process which makes use of techniques handed down over generations. Today only few artisans remain who specialize in kanzashi.

Oharibako Kanzashi Designs

Oharibako is one of those few, trading for over 70 years, and committed to making the ‘most beautiful hair ornaments in Japan’. Based in Nishijin, which has long been the epicenter for silk production and design, and with fabric sourced locally in Kyo Tango, a historic area known for their unique and high-quality crepe silk.

Oharibako Artisan

For seven decades and counting, Oharibako have been hand-crafting every single one of their kanzashi hairpins. From stitching to dyeing and painting, the work for each pin is completed entirely by hand.

Making Silk Bellflower Kanzashi

This starts with the long process of dyeing and cutting the silk before handcrafting each piece. The flowers are traditionally created using the tsumami (pinching) method. Each individual square of silk is starched, pinched into a petal, and added to paste before being used to create a flower. This process requires great patience and care and each kanzashi is meticulously inspected to make sure it meets Oharibako’s impeccable standards.