Binryu Okinawa Store

In the southern Japanese islands of Okinawa, Binryu is revatilizing bingata design, a traditional Okinawan dyeing craft developed over 500 years ago.

Traditional Bingata Textiles

Bingata stencil-printed and hand-painted fabrics were once reserved for upper class samurai families. These fine textiles were used for luxury items such as silk kimono and elaborate obi belts. Today Binryu’s heritage-inspired designs can be enjoyed by anyone with an eye for the gorgeous floral style of the Okinawan islands.

Binryu Design Team

Binryu began in 2006 with a goal to encourage the appreciation of local design, and to make useful and beautiful items to bring joy and happiness into people’s lives.

Bingata Wooden Geta Sandals in Passion Flower

Bingata printing is a long process that requires expert technique, but the results are unique craft goods that reveal the care and attention poured into them. When creating a new design a hand-carved stencil is is used to print the outline onto the fabric. This outline is finished by hand with a brush, before shading and hand-painting the color. All of Binryu’s creations, are painted one at a time and with great expertise.