Edo Zori Japanese Slippers

With a focus on community and the Japanese monozukuri (‘handmade’), MERIKOTI have been creating unique zori slippers since 2012.

Merikoti Tokyo Store

Inspired by the intricate handiwork of zori created by women in North Eastern Japan, MERIKOTI zori slippers bring this time-honoured quality into the 21st century with bright modern colors and fabrics. The store's designer, Kusamoto-san, and her colleagues visited Aomori many times to learn the technique of making cloth zori from elder women.

Making Zori Slippers

Each pair of zori slippers are painstakingly made by hand by their craftspeople. Due to the high quality and attention to detail, each craftsperson can only produce 2 to 3 pairs of zori per day.

The name MERIKOTI means “home of Meri” in Finnish, with Meri deriving from the Japanese word meriyasu (‘knitted fabric’). It is this combination of chic sensibility and traditional Japanese quality that makes MERIKOTI such a popular indoor footwear choice.

Shu Brocade Zori Japanese Slippers

MERIKOTI not only sells zori, but also holds workshops with the public, sharing the traditional craftsmanship of zori making and with it the concept of having pride and dedication in the creation of handmade objects.