Design Setta Sango is an innovative force changing the way we wear traditional Japanese sandals, bring together artisanal comfort and joyful style!

Design Setta Sango Team

The brand’s birthplace, Sango Town in Nara Prefecture, is a craft hub with over a century of expertise in making traditional Japanese wooden sandals. Drawing on this rich artisanal culture, and backed by the generations of craftsmanship of its partner, the geta strap maker Wasabiya, Design Setta Sango has created a limited collection of handcrafted contemporary Japanese sandals. The groundbreaking design was selected by the Wonder 500 project, showcasing 500 innovative wares from across Japan.

Making multi-layered cotton straps

Design Setta Sango is a passion project of the town’s creative community, with the mission to make tradtional Japanese footwear more comfortable, fashionable, and adapted to modern life. Retaining the look of classic Japanese sandals, these shoes are nevertheless unique. Wide, soft, multi-layered cotton straps, and padded breathable insoles of natural fibres make this a sandal that you can wear in comfort all day long. The thick, sturdy, yet flexible soles allow you to wear them inside or out, whatever the weather.

Grass Woven Setta Japanese Sandals

In addition to peerless comfort, these handmade sandals feature exclusive designs created by Japanese textile artists, as well as one-of-a-kind vintage kimono fabrics. Whether you’re dressed in jeans or a kimono you’ll find Design Setta Sango sandals the perfect accessory for contemporary living.