Camellia Floral Japanese Kimono with Purple Obi Belt front view
Camellia Floral Japanese Kimono with Purple Obi Belt rear view
Camellia Floral Japanese Kimono with Purple Obi Belt side view
Camellia Floral Japanese Kimono with Rope Belt front view
Camellia Floral Japanese Kimono with Rope Belt rear view
Camellia Floral Japanese Kimono sleeve close-up
Camellia Floral Japanese Kimono

Camellia Floral Japanese Kimono

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Why We Love It

An ideal balance, this authentic Japanese kimono matches the bold confidence of indigo blue with the feminine blushing pink of Japan’s much-loved camellia flower. Fall in love with its delicate spring design that is both comfortable and easy-to-maintain.

If you thought Japanese kimono were difficult to wear, you don’t need to worry any more! This delightful floral kimono is specifically designed for everyday life and doesn’t require extensive knowledge to enjoy. High-quality polyester means exceptional durability that will always keep its shape. You can also easily machine-wash and iron this garment, unlike more formal silk kimono. Accessorize with an obi belt, or change it up with a silk sash or leather waist belt.


  • Brand new kimono, designed in Kyoto.
  • Kimono only, does not include belt or sandals.
  • Dyed polyester fabric, with comfortable inner lining.
  • Machine wash in a laundry net. Do not tumble dry.
  • Product code: 11561RD
  • Standard size: length 64” (163cm), width 58” (147cm), sleeve 27” (68cm).
  • For advice on choosing the right fit, check the Size Guide below.

What’s My Size?

When buying a kimono or yukata, you don’t need to worry about finding your exact size. Women’s kimono usually come in just one size, which will probably be longer and wider than you need. They are adjusted to the right size by folding them at the waist.

Sleeves tend to be worn shorter than you may be used to – between the wrist and elbow.

How to Check if a Kimono or Yukata will Fit?

To check if a kimono or yukata will fit you, you just need to measure your height and around your hips (or waist if that is wider). Check the length and width of the kimono or yukata in the ‘Details’ section above.

1. Check the Height

To wear a kimono in the traditional way, you would normally choose a garment that seems too long for you. This means any kimono that is either longer than your height, the same as your height, or up to 10” (25cm) shorter than your height. The excess material is then folded over at the waist.

If the kimono is around 12” (30cm) shorter than your height you can wear it without any fold. This is becoming a popular modern take on wearing kimono for young women and is also the way that men traditionally wear kimono.

If the length of the kimono is over 12” (30cm) less than your height it will be too short to wear as a kimono, although you can still wear it as a robe! To see where the bottom of the garment would fall, measure the length of the kimono down from your shoulders.

2. Check the Width

A kimono with a width that is at least 16” (40cm) greater than your hip size will fit perfectly.

A kimono with a width between 10-16” (25-40cm) greater than your hip size will fit. However, if you want to wear it in the traditional way, you may have to tie it quite tight around the waist to prevent your legs being visible as you walk.

If the width of the kimono is not at least 10” (25cm) greater than your hip size, your legs may be visible as you walk. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but it’s not the traditional way!


To see where the sleeves will fall on you, check the sleeve length in the product details. This length is measured from the spine at the base of the neck.

Adjusting the Length

Pull up your kimono until the bottom reaches the correct length, then tie it in place round your waist with a ribbon or a koshi himo (kimono tie). Fold the excess material down over the tie.

Adjusting the Width

Wrap the front of the kimono around your body so that it is tight and comfortable. Tie in place with a ribbon or a koshi himo (kimono tie). Fold the excess material down over the tie.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Putu Mustika
Beautiful vibrant kimono (unfortunately, not made in Japan...)

The kimono is very vibrant, that was the first impression that I got after opening the package. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous design, a very lovely array of camellias! I didn’t realise the camellias are more pink than red, but that’s fine. Come to think of it, perhaps this pink-ness is the one that makes the kimono suitable to be worn with the lavender grape obi.

Unfortunately, the kimono is made in China, not made in Japan. There is no misguidance in your website because it was written that the kimono was designed in Kyoto. However, if we are to celebrate the art of kimono wearing, I think it’s much better that we actually also wear made in Japan kimono. I understand that made in China kimono are cheaper, but it comes at a cost of us not truly enjoying the Japanese kimono to the fullest.

Another thing I noticed is the sewing technique of the kimono. I own several Japanese-made kimono with a technique similar to (or the same as) stitch-in-the-ditch technique. As an amateur sewist, I appreciate how hard it is to sew a garment without showing the threads at all. Genuine Japanese kimono makers in Japan do this all the time. However, the camellia kimono that I have, beautiful as it is, was not built that way. I can see the threats at the inner pink layer, indicating that the stitch-in-the-ditch technique (or similar technique) was not employed during the kimono construction.The lining also feels not as soft as real Japanese kimono lining.

(the white threads that are visible along the hem are fine; genuine kimono also have those threads to hold the shape together… and I cut the white threads easily…)

Therefore, I hope that soon, Japan Objects can actually source kimono directly from Japanese kimono makers. I understand it is more pricey, but if the explanation is offered on the website (and on product page), customers will understand… Also, if the fabric used are not silk (say, perhaps muted sateen or even ‘just’ cotton for yukata), the price might be made lower despite it being made in Japan…

However, I still give the kimono 5/5 stars because of the beautiful vibrant fabric and - most of all - for Diccon's amazing effort in replying to my question in the first place (because the kimono was sold out at that time) and to source the kimono for me. Diccon truly cares about customer satisfaction, I can see it from the emails, packaging etc. So, thank you Diccon, and I hope Japan Objects can provide is with made in Japan washable kimono in the near future...

Thank you very much for your very helpful review! I'm happy to hear you are pleased with the design.

As you say, the washable kimono are not made in Japan. Within Japan Objects Store, it is only the washable kimono and the cotton yukata that are not made in Japan.

Please rest assured however, that these are authentic kimono, made for sale in Japan by Japanese designers and long-standing Japanese companies. The actual production is done elsewhere, as is the case with nearly all the kimono and yukata at this price range (under $150) that are sold in Japan.

We do also offer made-in-Japan kimono: all our vintage kimono are made in Japan for instance, as are all the other items in store. Made-in-Japan kimono are, however, quite expensive, so we want to be able to give everyone the same choice of more affordable kimono that are popular here in Japan.

Thank you again for sharing your review, we really appreciate your feedback, and your kind words!

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