Prolific contemporary artist Shingo Nakata is seeking to create a new story for mizuhiki, using the traditional rice paper cords to create intricate, thought-provoking sculptures, art objects and handmade jewelry.

Born in Nagano prefecture, Nakata graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo. Nakata’s sculptural artworks have been featured in numerous galleries and museums, including Informel Nakagawamura Museum in Nagano. RITUAL Craft is an art jewelry brand established to develop the traditional craft of mizuhiki and bring it into the 21st century.

Mizuhiki’s story began more than 1000 years ago when the Japanese saw the decorative cords that were wrapped around gifts brought back from China. Infused with ideas of spirituality, the Japanese developed the rice paper cords into elaborate knotted designs, in a wide variety of colors.

Nakata utilises mizuhiki to create artworks, developing his own innovative technique that is akin to ‘drawing’ with mizuhiki, rather than the traditional knotting method. This mozaic comes to life through Nakata’s careful handiwork, painstakingly applying the small sections of mizuhiki piece by piece.

Shingo Nakata’s ingenious craftsmanship takes on a meaningful departure from the mizuhiki knot, breathing new life into the ancient Japanese craft.